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Floppy Disk Drive - Retro Patents

Floppy Disk Drive

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"Floppy Disk Drive"

Piercarlo Lesca, Giorgio Bonzano, Nov 20, 1974

The first commercial floppy disks, developed in the late 1960s, were 8 inches (200 mm) in diameter; they became commercially available in 1971 as a component of IBM products and then were sold separately beginning in 1972 by Memorex and others. These disks and associated drives were produced and improved upon by IBM and other companies such as Memorex, Shugart Associates, and Burroughs Corporation. The term "floppy disk" appeared in print as early as 1970, and, although, in 1973, IBM announced its first media as the "Type 1 Diskette", the industry continued to use the terms "floppy disk" or "floppy".

This patent refers to an 'Apparatus for writing on, and/or reading, magnetic discs'.  The apparatus is used for writing on and/or reading two magnetic discs of flexible type each one contained for rotation in a protective cover provided with transducer apertures. The apparatus comprises two insertion devices on which the protective covers of the discs are inserted in manner that the discs lie substantially in two parallel planes, having the corresponding magnetizable surfaces oppositely faced therebetween. The insertion devices through corresponding counter-mandrels, causes the discs to engage a pair of driving mandrels for the rotation of the two discs. The driving mandrels and the discs are rotated in opposite senses and, between the two discs, are disposed two transducers which are jointly positioned with respect to the magnetizable surfaces of the discs along the transducer apertures.

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