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Why Retro Patents?


Simple, we believe in celebrating innovation & invention.

Have you ever felt a certain type of way just by thinking about something? We have too! It’s tough to bottle up that feeling, or go back in time to experience it again for the first time, but you can display it and bring back found memories of that special emotion!

With Retro Patents we offer a way to do just that. Display and wear your passion with our premium bespoke patent art. Allow a Retro Patent print to ignite a conversation, recall an emotion, or perhaps allow you a chance to share your knowledge with others.

When Anthony and Luke starting collaborating on Retro Patents, they realized right away there were no limits. Patents are diverse and span many industries. Both men share common likes but also have unique interests as well. This was the appeal of Retro Patents, a no limits approach to sharing their passions. We love Retro Patents because people with different likes and interests can come together and celebrate together.

What gets you going? What makes you feel a certain type of way? What do you think just looks cool? Make your mark, be and celebrate you, and Patent your Space!

The Minds Behind Retro Patents

Meet Anthony

I’m a self-proclaimed history nerd who enjoys historical travel. When I read about someplace new, my initial instinct it to try and go there to experience it firsthand. The American Civil War and the Old West are my favorite two periods in history. My goal is to start writing and sharing blogs on the Retro Patents website that detail my historical travels. I’ve planned several historically based trips for family and friends, and the feedback is always that I need to share my suggestions with the world! I loved the Retro Patents idea right from the beginning. It allows me to explore many things at once and truthfully the prints just look cool! The ability to collaborate with Luke was also very important to me. My favorite patent print is the 1911 Pistol because it looks like a piece of art. I think it’s the best looking of all the firearm prints. Aesthetically a 10 out of 10. My goal for the Retro Patent website it to continue to develop bespoke prints that other people enjoy!

Meet Luke

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, many people think about Buffalo as a place where it snows a lot, as well as a terrible professional football team and great chicken wings. Yes, it snows a lot. Yes, football has been bad, but I still love the Buffalo Bills and I do enjoy Buffalo wings with Bleu Cheese. However, before the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo wings, Buffalo was a hotbed for innovation. My love for my hometown and business created my desire to learn more about patents and the history of them. Many people think inventions are nothing special, but to others they know the significance of their ideas and have turned them into important contributions to society. I think it is important to recognize those who have changed humanity with their innovations. When Anthony and I talked about love of business and innovation, Retro Patents was a no brainer. My goal is to bring my love of sports, innovation, and business to the Retro Patent site. I hope people enjoy what we create!


Office pup! Aria’s favorite print is not even a patent print. It’s something she made for her mom – of herself! It perfectly illustrates Aria’s position as the boss
of the household. Aria loves playing with her younger human sister and chewing on her many bones. She loves walks to new places followed by long naps on “her” porch.


Office Pup! Bo often spends his day tagging along with dad. His favorite prints are ones that involve balls, as he loves playing fetch with his three human siblings. Afternoons get even better for Bo when his human siblings get home from school. He enjoys playing outside in the backyard and snuggling on the couch after a long and active day.

Join Us!

Whether you're a long-time supporter or just discovering Retro Patents for the first time, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can continue to celebrate the innovation and inventions that have shaped our world.

Thank you for choosing Retro Patents.


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