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About Us

The moment of inception is unique. For any product or business, it's that point in time from which an idea is conceptualised, designed and developed into something special ⚡ 

Patents are the closest thing we have to capturing that spark of inspiration. We know this first hand having patented our own inventions in the US and European Patent Offices ✒️️

So Retro Patents was set up to scratch an itch. We love technology, innovation, gaming and startups. We also love minimalist posters and design ❤️

We started off building our own bespoke patent prints which we put up around our houses and offices and started sending them to friends who liked them too. Then we started printing them and selling them locally to people who were just as passionate about patent art ☺️

This evolved into the website you see today. We're excited to share Retro Patents with the world. Here's to the patent pioneers who've paved the way ☝️

We invite you to take a look around, enjoy and shop at your leisure. Maybe you'll be inspired to create your own invention!

Craig, Aidan and Amner