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Nintendo Gameboy®

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We offer a variety of different printing styles and materials. Choose from a standard size of 12" X 18" or a large format 24" X 36". On a majority of our products choose from high resolution heavyweight poster print paper (framed or non-framed), a deluxe hardwood print, canvas or metal prints. To learn more about our material options and sizing, click here.

Nintendo Gameboy® Patent Print

Step back into the golden age of portable gaming with this iconic Handheld Game System patent print, originally filed by the visionary minds of Satoru Okada and Shin Kojo on June 15, 1992. Celebrating a pivotal moment in gaming history, this print features the detailed schematics and design of one of the world’s most beloved gaming devices.

The patent number 5,184,830 is more than just a number—it's a symbol of innovation and joy for generations of gamers. Each line, button, and circuit displayed in figures 1, 2, and 3 captures the essence of a bygone era where the beeps and pixels dominated the playgrounds and living rooms alike.

Presented in a clean and sophisticated black border, this patent print is the perfect piece of nostalgia to adorn the walls of a game room, office, or living space. It’s an ode to the simplicity and ingenuity of early handheld gaming—a must-have for collectors, gaming aficionados, and those who cherish the simpler times of childhood and the dawn of the portable gaming revolution.

Own a piece of history and let this patent print be a reminder of the leaps and bounds made in the world of gaming, inspiring future innovations and the continuous pursuit of playful imagination.


The History:

"Handheld Game System"

Gunpei Yokoi, February 9, 1983.


The Game Boy was the first portable handheld gaming systems to be developed. Released in 1989, the rectangular and compact design of the Game Boy Pocket made it easy to carry around, and even easier to play with its novel cartridge game system. These interchangeable game packs revolutionised the gaming industry. 

Today the Game Boy is one of the only surviving handheld gaming consoles still in existence. Though it has evolved through the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, it still retains the overall basic design consisting of screen, direction pad, A, B, Select, and Start buttons. This rectangular image has now become a nostalgic symbol of gaming greatness. The patent design is sure to elicit fond memories for anyone that is lucky enough to count themselves amongst the Game Boy generation.

Want to know more about the Nintendo Gameboy® patent print? We have created a description page here.

Print - Available in 12" x 18" or 24" x 36":

  • Using Epson UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology
  • Basis Weight: 192 gsm
  • Media Thickness: 10.3 mil (0.26 mm)
  • ISO Brightness: 104%
  • Opacity: 94%


Framed Print - Available in 12" x 18" or 24" x 36":

  • Ayous wood .75″ (1.9 cm) thick frame from renewable forests
  • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil (0.26 mm)
  • Acrylite front protector
  • Hanging hardware included


Canvas - Available in 24" x 36":

  • Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton base
  • 20.5 mil (0.5 mm) thick canvas
  • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Hand-glued solid wood stretcher bars
  • 1.5″ (3.81 cm) deep


Metal - Available in 24" x 36":

  • Aluminum metal surface
  • MDF wood backing frame
  • An additional coating applied for true color replication
  • Scratch and fade resistant


Deluxe Hardwood - Available in 12" x 18" or 24" x 36":

  • Premium plaque
  • High Definition hardwood print
  • Glass like finish
  • No need for frame
  • Lifetime protective seal 
  • Currently shipping in the U.S. only


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