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Al Capone's prison cell at Eastern State Penitentiary, featuring a bed with a red blanket, antique wooden furniture, a vintage lamp, a small writing desk, and peeling walls with exposed plaster, creating a historic and somewhat eerie atmosphere.

Al Capone’s “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 Going Up for Auction

When it comes to American history, few figures are as notorious and captivating as Al Capone. Known as "Scarface" and often dubbed as the modern-day Robin Hood of Chicago during the Prohibition era, Capone’s life was marked by both infamy and fascination. Now, a key piece of his legacy—the "Sweetheart" Colt 1911, his favorite firearm—went up for auction.


The Man Behind the Gun

Al Capone

Alphonse Gabriel Capone, famously known as Al Capone, was a larger-than-life figure whose impact on American history is undeniable. Often called “The Most Shot at Man in America,” Capone navigated the perilous waters of organized crime with a mixture of brutal force and strategic acumen. His exploits in Chicago during the Prohibition era have become the stuff of legend, immortalizing him as a key player in both criminal and popular culture.


The "Sweetheart" Colt 1911

Among the various items associated with Capone, his “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 holds a special place. Capone himself referred to this pistol as his favorite firearm, crediting it with saving his life on multiple occasions. The moniker "Sweetheart" adds a touch of personal affection, highlighting its importance to him beyond its utilitarian value.


Features and Upgrades

The “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 is not just any firearm; it has been carefully maintained and upgraded over the years. Following Capone’s passing, the pistol was inherited by his wife, Mae Capone, who preserved it with the utmost care. It was later passed down to their son, Sonny Capone, an avid competition shooter and Expert Marksman. Sonny made several enhancements to the pistol to improve its speed and accuracy, ensuring that it remained in top condition.


A Legacy Preserved

For nearly 75 years, the “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 remained within the Capone family. After Sonny Capone’s passing in 2004, his daughters, Diane and Barbara Capone, inherited the firearm. In October of 2021, this iconic piece of history was sold to a private collector through the Capone Estate.


The Auction

The excitement surrounding the auction is palpable, especially given the starting bid of $500,000. This high-profile event is expected to attract a wide range of bidders, all eager to own a piece of history. The auction provides a unique opportunity to acquire a firearm that is not only significant due to its association with Al Capone but also because of its impeccable condition and historical upgrades.

The Value of Historical Artifacts

The value of the “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 extends beyond its monetary worth. It offers a rare glimpse into the personal life of Al Capone, revealing his reliance on this firearm for both protection and survival. The detailed history of its preservation and the upgrades made by Sonny Capone add layers of intrigue and authenticity, making it a prized possession for any collector.


Potential Market Value

In today’s gun market, the value of historical firearms like the “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 can be substantial. Its association with a figure as prominent as Al Capone adds immeasurable value, appealing to both collectors and enthusiasts. The starting bid of $500,000 is a testament to its significance.



Al Capone’s “Sweetheart” Colt 1911 is more than just a firearm; it’s a piece of American history. From its association with one of the most infamous figures of the 20th century to its meticulous preservation and upgrades, this pistol offers a unique window into the past.

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